Custom Solutions

Two Ears listening can provide custom solutions!



Nothing off the shelf; custom solutions to improve your bottom line.

Many of us have spent our careers consulting for a single provider, always forcing that single solution to fit our customers needs. The Two Ears One Mouth method allows us to take the time to listen intently to our customers needs and develop the right solution to solve their IT challenges.


Un-biased Cloud and Datacenter Vendor Selection

We help our customers gain a competitive edge by optimizing their cloud strategy. We will analyze their IT infrastructure to help determine the best providers for their workloads. We provide custom solutions. We assist our customers with the process of moving IT infrastructure off their premises to a cloud or data center provider. Our multi-provider approach guarantees you the best solution (see below 10 reasons below)! We provide custom solutions.



Cloud University Sales Training. (CUST)

CUST is product agnostic sales training that will cover recent trends in the industry as well as how and why businesses purchase cloud services. Typically migrating to the cloud is not a cost saving measure so your sales representatives need to know what problems are solved with cloud and which of your products solve those problems. This starts by understanding the competition and the cloud industry.

Telecom Billing Recovery & Vendor Selection

We assist our customers in analyzing their telecom bills and right sizing their service to reduce cost. We will provide non-partial Telecom service and equipment (VOIP services) vendor selection.

Specific Consulting for IT Services (Virtual C.I.O.)

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 consultation and implementation. Amazon AWS consultation and implementation.

HIPAA Risk Assessment-all phases of Healthcare regulatory consultation

IT Project Management

IT Security Awareness Training- Instructor led in person or by webinar.

10 reasons

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