Two Ears One Mouth

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I provide my cloud and datacenter expertise to my clients as a non-biased broker for a wide breadth of providers from the small local datacenter to the large public cloud providers. We can manage IT projects of all sizes, solving the problems that slow down your business and cost you money.

My personal journey started in telecommunications in 1984 as a project manager. This allows me to provide my customer’s expertise and advise for Voice over IP systems (VOIP), SIP trunking and even SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365.

I’ve completed an in-depth study of IT frameworks and Regulations (HIPAA).

My experience, integrity and technological expertise set me apart. I can meet with you and your team, listen to your challenges, and provide solutions with my partners’ to:

  • Reduce costs– We examine Telecom bills and provide a better more cost-effective solution. The same can be done with billing for the public cloud, especially if you use one of the large providers like AWS or Azure.


  • Improve Internal & External Customer Service- Public cloud and hybrid cloud can share information and provide “self-service portals” that not only increase IT productivity, but also give their customers a better service level.

azure aws   rackspace

  • Mitigate Risk- We help to provide the right IT framework to prioritize security and simplify regulatory compliance. Expertise in protecting Protected Health Information (PHI) helps keep organizations compliant and avoid costly audits or fines.


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