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InfoCase Case Study

About InfoCase

For over 24 years, InfoCase has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of cases, harnesses, and other protective solutions for mobile devices. Their mission is to help reduce the damage of their customers’ mobile technology while increasing the efficiency of its use. They accomplish this mission by crafting innovative, solution-oriented products that exceed the expectations of their clients. To follow is the InfoCase Case study for the solutions provided by Two Ears One Mouth IT Consulting.

The Challenges

After more than twenty years of continued growth, InfoCase’s growth has accelerated in the past several years. This has caused the company to outgrow some of its communications and IT platforms and require a review for updates for each. Their premise-based Cisco phone system, while still working, was aging and out of support by the manufacturer. If a failure would occur, it could be days or weeks to get their phone service restored. InfoCase’s internet service was a shared cable service at a price point that was competitive when purchased but is no longer advantageous in a time of price reduction for telecom services. The cable company also provided their four analog phone lines that were restrictive in growth and didn’t offer today’s features such as direct inward dialing (D.I.D.) and calling party identification. Similarly, their Cisco firewall support contract had expired, and manufacturer support was not available. The company had aging file servers in an un-virtualized environment. Finally, many of their business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and their accounting software needed to be enhanced for off-site access available to cloud-based versions of the software.

The Solutions

With several tasks to complete, priorities needed to be set for InfoCase. Two Ears One Mouth IT Consulting (TEOM) recommended the voice communications system be upgraded first. InfoCase agreed that they would be best served with a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering. Familiar with InfoCase needs as well as the UCaaS providers TEOM recommended and presented three UCaaS solution providers. TEOM’s discovery upfront enabled InfoCase to make an informed and quick decision for the best provider for this service. The winning provider had a reliable feature rich UCaaS solution and included a dedicated fiber Internet connection to support their voice and data communications. This dedicated service offered advantages to their voice communications unavailable from their existing service.

Next InfoCase needed an IT solution partner to replace aged hardware, create backups for business continuity and offer ongoing IT services. The best provider for InfoCase was selected under the direction of TEOM and provided an overview of the customers’ needs. The IT provider systematically identified the most critical hardware replacement needs, presented a plan with pricing and started the upgrades.

A typical engagement with TEOM, as with InfoCase, does not end with any single project. We continued an ongoing dialogue addressing less urgent needs and recommending plans for keeping all technology current. InfoCase appreciated TEOM’s personalized approach and their wide variety of supplier/partner options. In this approach, TEOM has established the groundwork for a long-term partnership and allowed InfoCase to focus on their business. 

About Two Ears One Mouth IT Consulting

TEOM provides insight to organizations to determine  the best suppliers for cloud, datacenter, and telecommunications. We provide a personalized strategy and solution saving our clients team lost hours of investigation and negotiation with potential suppliers. We offer our clients a wide breadth of provider partners and create an ongoing and long-term business relationship. (513) 227-4131