How to Select a Cloud or Data Center Provider


Two Ears One Mouth Business Concept and Purpose

Two Ears One Mouth IT Consulting (TEOM) began with the monumental decision Judge Green made divesting AT&T in 1984. That decision created the telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) industries of today. My personal mentor taught me an important sales consultation concept early in my career. When consulting and selling we must first listen to our customers intently, before we speak to offer solutions. Later in my career, I heard this same concept described in that we have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen more than we speak.

What does our product do?

I’ve always enjoyed working with technologies in the growth portion of their life cycle. Most recently my passion has been in information technology as it relates to cloud computing and data center. Cloud computing has become a mature and reliable product, even while experiencing continued solid growth. TEOM’s primary product focuses on protecting businesses IT infrastructure, and its two primary models, colocation and cloud. We assist organizations by analyzing their IT infrastructure and the applications they run to help decide the best path forward for the infrastructure that houses their data.

We answer questions such as:

·         Should the business migrate from an on premise server-based infrastructure to the cloud?

·         Should the business continue to own their infrastructure with a CapEx model and place it in a secure data center? (Colocation)

·         How best can the goals of regulatory compliance and maximum uptime be accomplished?

·         Can a hybrid model be created that allows the business to migrate to the desired solution over time?

TEOM will also assist businesses that have been through the technical exercise but are looking for a better price or level of service. TEOM has the experience, expertise, and partnerships to help our clients make the right decisions.     

How is TEOM different from the others?    

There is a growing number of multi-tenant data centers that offer their customers secure data center services, as well as their own flavor of cloud. These businesses typically implement a direct sales force to market their products and services. This model falls short in the depth of expertise and solutions that are offered to the client. Their focus and product offering are limited, they can’t compete with a consultant that represents multiple providers. They are forced to make their limited solutions fit their customers’ requirements.

TEOM utilizes an indirect consultation and sales process in which the products and services are brokered from a wide array of these providers. We take an unbiased approach and consider all partners to determine the best solution for our client.

During customer analysis we even consider the largest cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which use a direct to the end-used or self-service model. We make sure to understand all the current technology options and utilize them in our client’s solution.    

Who is the right client for TEOM?      

Virtually any business can benefit from cloud services. However, for a business to derive a benefit from a TEOM consultation, a certain amount of infrastructure is required. Our typical customer will have at least 5 active servers.  Our most common customer engagement is an organization with dozens of servers and a headcount of over 100.

Many times, our clients have an IT department, including a CIO who realizes the benefit of an outsourced solution for analyzing datacenter providers. In addition to saving critical time, it helps to have a fresh look analyzing the infrastructure with a level of expertise they can’t match internally. Using TEOM can also save time and tedious efforts of interviewing and pricing potential vendors. There is no maximum size of business for a TEOM consult considering we can look at parts or independent departments of the largest enterprise or government organization.

TEOM is the best choice for an expert, unbiased consultation for your organization’s cloud and datacenter needs. We have deep and unparalleled expertise, in large part due to our vast array of partners. We can eliminate many hours of research and vendor interviews with little or no cost to our clients. Our indirect consultation and sales strategy allows us to offer you the best choices from our full breadth of suppliers while charging little or nothing for our services.

If you would like to talk more about an IT infrastructure analysis contact TEOM:

Jim Conwell (513) 227-4131

we listen first…