Wireless Account Optimization and Management; 3 Things to Look for


There are tasks in which large enterprises can engage that can have a huge financial impact on their communications cost.  Few are as financially rewarding, yet incredibly mundane, as Wireless Account Optimization (WAO). This is a prime example of a service that is better for the enterprise to outsource. First, it is time consuming and tedious, typically the business would not want their people on this type of project. Secondly, it is a service that the WAO provider will have a much better toolset and expertise to handle. To optimize a large wireless corporate account properly you need to be aware of all the available plans offered by the wireless vendor such as Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Available plans would include not only current plans but also legacy plans that even your vendors account representative wouldn’t recognize. These legacy billing plans may have been abandoned by the carrier years ago for various reasons such as technology or pricing changes.  Seldom do wireless carriers remove these legacy plans from their billing platform, they are just “retired” and assumed unavailable. A WAO consultant will be aware of these plans and have them included in their automated account optimization system. This provides financial benefits well beyond what can be obtained with an analysis from the internal staff of the company.

The primary benefits to be recognized by a WAO partner would be:

Optimization –  cost savings from a rate plan analysis.

Procurement – includes ordering all new devices and upgrades from existing wireless carrier(s).

Inventory Documentation – Includes all device information (i.e. phone, model, ESN, IMEI, current rate plan, daily usage data, contract expiration and upgrade eligibility dates)

3 Things to Look for in a WAO Partner:

  1. Near real-time optimization technology – up to the minute monitoring of plans optimized prior to the billing cycle. No surprise overages with at least a 30% savings over current billing.
  2. Friendly and easy to use helpdesk and customer web portal.
  3. 100% ROI pricing model – performance based fee with no up-front cost.

If you’re looking for this type of service and have over 100 corporate liable wireless lines, we can help you with selecting the right partner.

Please contact us at (513) 227-4131 or jim.conwell@outlook.com

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